Lena is a fictitious formation whose origin story comes from the Ljubljana underground catacombs. She was created by spontaneously straining the neurological connections of her mothers, two friends Tjaša Pezdirc and Eva Slana.

It manifests in clothes. The unique features of the brand are reflected in the combination of funky looks, colors and trendy prints, which are combined by Lena, the girl from the logo, who personifies the brand. Lena represents a pinch of madness, a teaspoon of fun and a touch of wackiness and enriches the wardrobe for both young and young at heart.

Probably, like everyone else, we find inspiration everywhere. With the new collection which is currently in the making, we found our inspiration right in Grandma’s closet. In the past, we were looking for inspiration in the 90s and 80s. We also get a lot of inspiration from our travels, lately, Tokyo has impressed us the most. While working and brainstorming, we like to drink a glass of wine and work without pressure. We are very easy going and the saying “go with the flow” really suits us. And so it began..with a glass of wine, browsing through the internet, looking at pieces of clothing we could buy nowhere in Slovenia.  Not having them in Slovenia doesn’t mean we didn’t want them (maybe that’s why we wanted them even more), so we decided to make our own piece, exactly the way we want it. And that’s exactly what we did 🙂

We are really grateful to every single person who buys our stuff and supports us so that we can do what we enjoy most! 
Hugs and Kisses xoxo

Instagram: wearelena
Fb: We Are Lena
Online page: www.wearelena.com
Email: info@wearelena.com