Unique art pieces, crafted to the highest standards – functional home decor

I’m Ursa (31), a resin artist from Slovenia. I live and create in Vrhnika, a small town near capital Ljubljana. I have always been involved in creative professions. Before I started a family, I was a makeup artist, working mainly on films, commercials and editorials.

When I was expecting a baby I realized I needed something more financially secure. I quit the freelance work (which I otherwise enjoyed) and got a job at a large corporation.

I started selling cars. I was pretty good at it too, so my monthly income increased like never before! As a full time employee I also had some security that I was looking for…

… but the one thing missing was my soul’s purpose.

Nevertheless, I persisted in the automotive business for several years. That all changed with my second child. During my second maternity leave I felt a huge need to create again. One of the reasons was a YouTube clip of a wonderful new art medium. It was shiny, glossy, shimmery … all that glitter, real crystals and so much more … I was hooked!

Now, not a day goes by that I don’t spent at least a few hours learning the theory and security standards of creating with resin. Epoxy resin (or liquid glass) is a two-component substance. We are playing with a chemical reaction. When we mix these 2 components together, the mixture remains liquid only for an hour, so there is limited time to create. The end result is a 3d layer, smooth, shiny and full of details.

I first specialized in practical home decor, mainly cheese boards, with abstract fine art possibly following in the near future.

You can see my work on Instagram under and on Facebook My website is also coming soon!

This year you can expect interesting workshops with different topics (sea foam, abstract, geode inspired, cheeseboards …) where I’ll help you create your own unique resin art. I can’t wait to introduce you to this amazing medium!


Urša from Erin Design