We are a mother- daughter- team, sharing our hobbies for cooking, food styling and photography!

Karin has been baking bread, cooking homemade pasta and creating the most beautiful cakes almost all her life long! After Antonia decided that she wanted to become a food photographer we started to combine our talents and started to create new recipes, improve our food styling and
taking beautiful photographs of all the dishes!

Because we used to spend all our free time with shooting all the dishes we cooked, one day we decided to create our own foodblog and instagram account, because we wanted to share our passion for food and beautiful photographs with the world!

As we do our best to live a sustainable lifestyle, our goal is to show others how they can cook vegetarian or vegan dishes by using only regional and seasonal ingredients, that are not only wholesome but also so delicious! It’s close to our heart that we sharpen awareness to use all the superfoods that grow in our homeland. We don’t wanna participate in the hype of consuming fruits and vegetables from far away.

What is still a hobby by now, hopefully turns into a fulltime- career soon!

Find our work on our instagram account: @the.wishing.table or on our blog!