I am an architect by education and I run my own design brand, work as a visual content creator for other brands and run a non-profit shelter for stray cats.

Štrikula is my own brand of handmade knitwear and jewelry. I mostly make jewelry, clothing pieces and pretty things for your home. The whole process is a one girl band – I deal with customers, hand make every piece, photograph it and finally package and ship it. People seem to like my photography style and they have been reaching out to me with a request to have their photographs taken by me. I have really been enjoying doing this!

My biggest love or even maybe obsession are cats. In 2016, I co-founded a “shelter” for stray cats called Mestni mačjak. We currently care for 12 ex strays cats and some of them are looking for their forever home(s).

With Štrikula it all started about 9 years ago, when we were in South Africa building a school for local kids. I became really fond of crocheting because of one girl, who made hats for all of us, so I decided to learn.

Currently i only have instagram and facebook account, etsy page (which will be updated soon I promise!) and hopefully this year also a store in my hometown.