I’m a sourdough maniac, obsessively in love with better bread, healthier bread. Sharing my passion around the globe. I love life-long learning, reading personal development books (Sharma e.g.), I’m an early riser, and I believe every person comes to this place with a mission. Mine is to inspire and to teach as many people as possible to bake delicious and nutritious sourdough goodies.

I give workshops in Slovenia and abroad, write books, so far 2 under my belt (1st Drožomanija/Sourdough_mania translated into German, Croatian, Dutch, and French was also named the best bread book of 2019 by Gourmand International; the 2nd Sladka in slana drožomanija is the sequel to my 1st and is about to launch in May 2020).

Besides that, I also provide consultations for bakeries and restaurants, cooperate with various brands, support local farmers and producers.

I am inspired by all those who’ve caught the sourdoughmania bug. Seeing the sourdoughmania community grow, is something I’ve never imagined it would have been possible, but if you do something with your heart and passion, people feel it.

It was in 2012, when I started baking out of love. My late husband Sašo wasn’t able to eat yeasted bread and I started searching for way how to make delicious and crunchy bread without commercial yeast. And I found sourdough J it has helped me through tough times, it has been my therapy since my husband passed away last October.

Everything started out of love and everything continues out of love too.

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Photo: Nik Jarh, Rene Strgar, Anita Šumer