Sara g.Arts was created just recently to evoke creativity that was asleep and forgotten for many years. Hi. My name is Sara and I’m the face behind the art of Sara g.Arts. For a long time I worked jobs that drained the life energy out of me and pushed creativity far away…because of that I felt lost and like I was longing for something. Finally I decided to quit my job, moved out of Ljubljana to the countryside and focus on my art. 

I mostly create with Alcohol ink technique on a paper or ceramic, because I find it very calming and soothing. It’s a way of meditation for me, it calms my thoughts while I watch the ink flow and do it’s magic. It’s also the most sensual technique which helps me to express Sensuality, Erotic, Femininity and Self love. My purpose is to communicate love through my art. You can find Sensuality everywhere in Nature, if you just look closely. I’m fascinated with the flowers and what they represent so I dry them and preserve them forever in my resin coasters so their beauty never fades. 

The hardest thing for me, was to make the step and expose my art. For me it was like standing naked in front of people, just worse. Your art is like pieces of your soul on display, which was very frightening to me, (still is) but once you do it, it’s liberating. Sara g.Arts is an art journey of a lost soul exploring herself. 

You can find my art on my ig page @sarag.arts or in the Second hand store Pulz in the center of Ljubljana.