Reinkarmika is a sustainable clothing brand.

We design our pieces using old clothes which people want to throw away, give them a new life, make it fashionable and special. We also make new pieces from quality slovenian and european fabric. Last but not least, we offer carefully selected second hand and vintage pieces you will love. We don’t just have clothes. We have stories.

Who is the person behind Reinkarmika?

My name is Karmen. If someone asks me who am I, I would say a weird beeing. Why? Well, firstly we are all weird right. Each of us on their own way and that’s great! We should be proud about it.

And yes, you figured it out that clothes are one of my biggest passions in life. When I was 18 years old, just finishing high school for kindergarten teacher I was determinated to apply to fashion school. With no knowledge of designing, sewing, pattern making… I just had my passion and love for clothes & styling. And it was enough. It was even more than enough. Because all the other things you don’t know yet you can learn, if you want to. Through my study years I used a lot of second hand clothes for my design pieces. I loved the quality and stories they had. So I started collecting them and in about 8 years my parents house was full of it. Yeah it’s a little bit funny, but my father didn’t think so and wanted to get rid of them. He said he will bring a tractor and drove them somewhere away from his house. Well I think we all get his behaviour. He was right, I had to get that in order. So I said to him that I will open a shop. And I did. Reinkarmika was born. This was one of my best decisions I made in my life. This will sound weird, but my job is to never work a day in my life. And I don’t. Because what I do is a lifestyle. And you can do it too. Just follow your gut and believe in yourself!

Here are some facts about me, if you want to know me a little bit better:

– I love cats. Well, I love all the animals.

– I love to do graphic design and browsing for stuff on the internet. I find like everything.

– I avoid small talk. Because conversation offers a lot more than that. A lot more.

– I’m great at motivating and guiding people to their true self. Just ask.

– I always say “If I can, everybody can.”

– I do astrology readings. I have a certificate, but I’d rather do an intuitive one.

– I believe in willpower. When you believe in you then you can achieve everything.

– I believe in magic. Because everything is magic.

We believe in our mission:

– Recycle & Upcycle and wear Second Hand & Vintage
– Investing in high quality pieces, handcrafted designs and natural fabrics
– Using more of what you already have
– Appreciate your clothes for years

If you have pieces of clothing you don’t like anymore you can bring it to us. We can make you a new piece out of it. Or you can just leave it here and collect stamps (1kg = 1 stamp) for a discount.
(5 stamps = 10% off & 10 stamp = 25% off)

Come and visit us. Experience a genuine & magic store. You find our shop in a little town Kobarid in Slovenia. Our online store is coming. Hopefully soon.

Thank you!

With Love,



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