I’m Polona, a 32yo from Jesenice (Gorenjska),  that loves music, different crafts, books, traveling and is a lifelong  parrot loving band geek. And as of late, creating for you under the name Proli Handmade.

I create epoxy resin jewellery combined with local flowers (dried or pressed), crystals, beads, acrylic colour and similar with stainless steel or string elements. Right now I focus on necklaces and earrings that are either simple, small and delicate, or more statement-like, colourful of various shapes, sizes, basically different, unusual and fun. 

I’ve been a crafty person since I was a kid, always drawing, painting, building stuff from wook, paper, polymer clay,…. through the years I mostly made birthday and Christmas presents for friends and family, Holiday cards and ornaments, mostly for fun. Epoxy resin is a new found love and one thing I always wanted to try, so I did. I’ve only been working with it for the last half year, but it became obvious quite quickly that what I really wanted to make were jewellery and small decorative elements, like coasters, jewellery/key trays and similar. Small sparks of joy to brighten up your day.

You can find my products mostly all around my room haha. No, but seriously, I post them on my Instagram (@proli.handmade) and Facebook (@prolihandmade) pages, some of them can be found in the online store under , or you can just send me an email to