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Ever since we met 7 years ago we always have the need to create, to film, to document. Our first conversation in the middle of the party where we met was about our favourite films. At the time I was producing my first short documentary and Blaž was finishing his video production study. Some would say it was meant to be. Even I believe so. Probably because we both love to work with each other and telling stories through films.

A year after we met, we decided to make our own little video production company. So who we are?

We are OSM films and we make awesome films. What we create are more or less short documentaries, some of them awarded; we made some bike oriented films but also some more serious such as Peace. Please. about the refugees in Belgrade in the peak of the winter in 2016. A year before that we successfully made a whole-year independent project OSM minutes of 2015; every week we made a short film from a scratch which was a really inspiring and motivating project.

After that project we decided to produce short documentary portraits of Slovenian artists, which was also quite challenging.  After almost 5 years we made it come true. A documentary film called We are not a lost generation is a series of four short documentaries, representing five young Slovenian creators – academic painter Klavdija Zupanc, bicycle taylor David Krevs, snowboard builder Jure Sodja and authors of useful ceramic products Nina Mrđenović and Jost Bukovec. They either make a living or earn extra money besides their regular jobs. At a time when precarious work for young people is a job, when time is running too fast, at a time of increasing negativism, anxiety, intolerance, just to name a few, there are wonderfully inspirational creators who, with their own hands, awaken and continue their craft, heavily intertwined with the art. Although it would be easy to give up, they do not despair but prove that we are not a lost generation.

We already had a date of premiere (30. 3. 2020), but quarantine crossed our plans. So for now we are super happy to re-announce that the project is coming out after the quarantine. Until then you can follow us

@Insta: @osmfilms


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