Nina S. Zorčič

Hello! My name is Nina S. Zorčič. I started experimenting with food photography and delicious recipes about half a year ago and now I absolutely love it! 

Naturally, I started with indulgent desserts, because I have a big sweet tooth and a real chocoholic problem, but now I’m also testing my skills with creating and shooting savoury dishes as well. I really don’t like to limit myself to anything in life, so I decided not to limit myself in food either. I create a variety of different recipes (classic, healthy, protein, LCHF, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, etc ..) because I think that this way everyone finds something for themselves, when they visit my website. 

I really like to experiment and create recipes with new, special or different ingredients, but what I love the most is to present the dishes in such a way that they really can’t be resisted! I want my photos to tell a story, to make a statement and to make you hungry for more! 

In addition to photographing divine food and creating a variety of amazing recipes, I also shoot recipe videos, photograph restaurants, different products and food for various occasions (price lists, websites, etc.).

All my work can be found on my Portfolio (, my website ( and some on my Instagram (
For any inquiries you can contact me directly at

I’m always looking for new challenges, new beginnings and new stories to tell, so feel free to contact me, if you want to create them with me.