Being young and stupid I decided to study physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Ljubljana, where I also graduated in 2008. Already during my studies I felt that this path may not be right for me, but nonetheless I stuck with it for quite some time, even after graduation. Throughout my studies I worked as a waitress and spent most of my time seeking my true calling. An interesting set of circumstances then guided me into the world of illustration, where I found my passion. Even though I haven’t drawn since childhood and until the end of my studies, today I’m passionately manoeuvring the world of illustration as a self-taught illustrator. I am inspired by comical moments and the vibrancy of everyday life on the one side and by peace and quiet on the other. And also by my cat friend Bruno, of course. I mostly work digitally, but from time to time I also likes to draw something by hand, mostly in black and white. I especially enjoy creating greeting cards for special occasions. I strive to make them different, progressive, moving away from traditional festive designs. That is how the greeting cards collection “Hands” was born in the summer of 2016, reminding people that it’s the little things that matter; a small act of kindness, warm wishes, an interesting illustration.

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