My name is Nika and live in Piran. I’ve lived here my whole life, except for the 3 years I spent studying design in Ljubljana. Since I was a kid, I liked to draw and create stuff, and I think this hasn’t changed even now when I’m older. I’m really curious about everything, always ready to try new things. Right now, I’m working full time in my atelier Nika’s tiny house, creating from driftwood, but I also started to work with ceramics these past couple of years.

I have my own atelier in Piran, but I’ve also set up my ceramic studio in parent’s basement, where I have my kiln and pottery wheel. Most of the time I work in the atelier, where I sell my work and meet with people, but from time to time I get to “lock” myself in the ceramic studio where I can be alone.

Like I said, I was creating since I can remember. But my “professional” work began in 2015, when I started selling my work in the atelier. At first, I was just creating for myself, but then more and more people started to visit the atelier and buy my pieces, so the transition from “just creating” to “selling my work” happened very spontaneously.

Right now the atelier is close and all of my work is available online on my website Hopefully when this pandemic situation cools down I can reopen my atelier too, so people can see the work I make in person. I’m also active on Instagram and facebook, if anybody wants to get in touch, I think that’s the easiest way to do it.


Instagram: @nikastinyhouse