Hi, I’m Ana, shortly – a graphic designer, multipractic, dog lover, mother and the most stubborn creature ever, would my partner say (I would rather say a free spirited one).

Baeba is my project, my baby, my passion for almost 6 years now. It started with one planner for women (easy said when its content is really feminine, and on the inside it holds a nail file and a mirror, which is its specialty), but Baeba was never meant to be just that. It was created as a space where every woman could find her place, her little piece of motivation, something to pamper herself and even a possibility to express herself. Through the years it developed well, we expanded our offer to many other stationery items, we even created a Baby division and we connected with many talented artists and creators. Since last year we also decided to show Baeba to the world and switched to English language.

The beginnings of Baeba are quite interesting and fun. To cut the story short – it all began as a chat between to co-workers (that both left the job because we were fed up with the boss and his mobbing) while drinking coffee one random day in September 2014. And it continued in two months of struggling, working hard, sleepless nights, problems, nervous breakdowns to the day where we finally got our first finished products in December and delivering them personally with our cars throughout whole Slovenia on the 23rd of December. Today Baeba is only me, but I am never alone, I always have the support and help of my partner, family and closest friends.

Baeba can be found on:

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IG (SI): @mojabaeba

IG (ENG): @baebaworld