What once started as one of the first vintage shops in Slovenia, has developed into an independent creative direction “studio”. In addition to hand picked vintage goods we now also offer styling and photography skills and are mainly focused on vintage and local brands. As such, we still try to raise awareness on the importance of sustainability within the fashion industry.
Who is the person behind Miss Vandelej?

I am Valentina Jarc, Writer, Stylist, Photographer and an all-around creative being from Ljubljana. After a year and a half in Vienna, where I gained experience at the magazine Metropole in Vienna and Forward Festival, attended numerous art openings, learned how to paint and met many inspirational human beings, I returned home to my dear Ljubljana and decided to do what I love the most – taking analog photos and being creative in all aspects of my life. With my work I try to support vintage and local brands, collaborate with other inspirational people and have pure fun. I do not use photoshop and try to take as much time as is needed to get a perfect shot every single time. I adore natural light, quirkiness and happy coincidences. I especially like taking photos of strong (yet gentle, educated yet humble, fierce yet compassionate, passionate yet rational, disciplined yet free) women. It gives me wings every time I see how happy they are with the outcome and how relaxed they are while working with me. Waiting for the photos to develop and then seeing them for the very first time is one of the most exhilarating experiences I can think of. It became an addiction from which I don’t ever want to recover…

You can see my products and work here:
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1. Susanne Baunach for Miss Vandelej, Photo: Valentina Jarc

2. Valentina Jarc X Pulz Second Hand❤

Creative Direction: Miss Vandelej
Photo: Valentina Jarc
MUA: Laura Butkovič
Styling: Lovro Lukić
Models: Nina Butkovič, Lovro Lukić, Zala Maja Ravnihar & Damjan Aškerc Juković

3. Riba Raca Rak 1107
Clothes: We are Lena
Foto: Valentina Jarc
Models: Mitja Godnič, Eva Slana, Eva Kuhar

4. YIN YANGCreative direction: @missvandelejClothes: @reinkarmikaFoto: @valentinajarc.photoModels: @rodamaroevic, @tvoja_frendicaDora Maroević, Anja Ovčar

Creative direction: Miss Vandelej @missvandelejPhoto: Valentina Jarc @valentinajarc.photoClothes: Janja Videc @janjavidecStyling: Janja Videc & Sandra VidecModels: Janja Videc & Sandra Videc @sandravidec