Since we are all staying at home, I decided to make some blog posts and present you a different authors. Idea come from RAMI CERAMICS , so be sure to check them. They will also present themseves very soon.

ME: I am 25 year old guy from a small village Kranjska Gora in Slovenia. I am actually and architect and a graphic designer, but ceramics also became my passion exactly 2 years ago. You can also see my other work here > PORTFOLIO

HOW IT ALL STARTED: I went to a workshop and I was so excited that I have to buy myself some clay on the way back home. Then I started learning through different workshops, my teachers will also present themselves very soon. Handmade and unique stoneware items came into existence in 2018. Organic tableware pieces are made out of natural earth toned clay with many different techniques and presents me a contact with nature and a screen-less time.