Painting, illustration, pottery, jewelery and much more!

I grew up knowing that what I wanted to do – was to create and be creative. My walls, clothes and hands were always dirty from paint and I never let anyone tell me that was not cool. It still is cool.

For me it all started when I was very young, my mom always kept my drawings. Then when I was about 12, I illustrated my first book and also had an exhibition at my elementary school. From then on I just knew I was an artistic person. 

I have always had my family’s support and my friends always understood my weirdness, so they all encouraged me to educate myself about art and to explore the world. 

I work on different fields, my job is the best job- I get to draw archaeological artefacts daily. I graduated from Academy of fine arts as a painter and I studied at Winchester school of Arts in England. I had a few solo exhibitions, but I like to explore pottery, jewelry making and  illustration as well. I also used to be obsessed with tattooing for almost two decades, but I left that on the side some time ago.

I am also studying Pedagogy to maybe some day become an art teacher, because I believe teaching kids about Art is teaching kids about self-awareness and expression.

You can check my products on my web page www.leasvrzikapa.wordpress.com or on my instagram page