Our company called Lamp’ca was created by 4 woodworking school students as part of a school project. But because we enjoyed the whole process of creating and managing our own business so much, we decided to carry on with it as an official company.

We are very passionate about creating products that have a special meaning to our customers. That’s why our wooden night lamps are very customizable, from choosing your favourite wood type, to creating your own design on the veneers. Which makes our lamps an ideal personalized gift for any occasion. And since the veneers are easy to swap out, you can always contact us and order a new set.

Our goal isn’t just to brighten up your space, but for you to also use your Lamp’ca as a sort of daily gratitude reminder to shine some light on the things you are grateful for everyday. Because we believe that gratitude can change the way we view our life. So we want to encourage people to be grateful for everything they have in their life rather than focus on what they lack.

If you are interested in our products and seeing where our journey takes us, you can follow or contact us on our instagram (podjetje_lamp_ca), facebook (Podjetje Lamp’ca) and our gmail ( Our website will be comming out shortly aswell.