My name is Klavdija also know as the girl from the attic.

My creative jurney started when i was 10 years old. I already knew that i wanted to spend my life working in the art field. After my final year studying painting at the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana i went to Portugal where i made a real bond with the traditional graphic world. Coming back was a challenge resolting in me moving back home from Ljubljana. I’ve made a humble studio in te attic, cosy and fun working space. In the beginning i made some funny illustrative linocuts mixing different techniques now i am making artworks in my own minimalistic printmaking manner. I mostly work on linocuts, screenprints and experimenting printmaking. In my free time i love digging my hands into clay and making ceramic pieces.

I love to colaborate with other artist where i can go beyond my limits and challeng myself. The result was a lot of good products that we made together from a custom printed wedding bedding, lampshades, tote bags, notebooks, calendars and other goods.

The recent project was with a film crew called Osm films. They made a series of documentary portraits of artist called »We are not a lost generation«. It presents the work of young artist and their view on the current situation in the Art scene and in every day life.

You can follow my work here https://www.instagram.com/klavdija.zupanc/

And here https://www.facebook.com/UstvarjenoNaPodstresju/

If you would like to support my work you can get some of my recent stuff here