I’m Lea, a cake designer from Slovenia. I love skiing and windsurfing and I prefer winter to summer. I am a huge fan of Christmas, meaning that my apartment usually gets decorated in festive lights and ornaments already in the middle of November. My favorite smell is the smell of cinnamon. It brings beautiful memories of my childhood and apple pie.

I create bespoke and boutique cakes and desserts. I’ve always felt that stories bring another dimension to food, especially desserts. That is why it is my vision to tell people’s stories through my desserts. I name my cake flavors by different memories and dearest places I traveled to. My favorite cake flavor is (currently) The Scottish Lands, which is made of decadent chocolate cake, dark chocolate ganache, Whiskey mousse and salted hazelnut cream. Besides creating cakes and desserts, I absolutely love organizing cake workshops and meeting different creative bakers who share the same passion for baking. There is nothing better than sharing my knowledge and seeing their improvement after the workshop.

My biggest passion has always been baking. Since I was little I’ve always loved spending my time in the kitchen baking biscuits and other sweets for my family and friends. What makes it so special to me are the sparkles they got in their eyes when they took the first bite. In hopes of achieving the same joy for my customers, I decided to start my own company “Stories by Lea” in 2020.

To see more of my creations, you can visit, IG: @gromlea, FB: Stories by Lea or TikTok: Stories by Lea.