“Follow the flow of life without setting goals. Be surprised. Enjoy carefree and happy days. Say “Fuck it” when it’s just not worth it and move on”…the words that would best describe me. 

My name is Mateja Škraba, born and raised in Ljubljana. I absolutely love to live here but from time to time I also have to escape our little city to find inspiration and see the world from different perspectives.I create under the name Frachella – a small brand mainly focused on designing reusable bags with the goal to ditch plastic bags. 
I don’t actually think a lot of us can imagine what beach full of plastic leftovers looks like if we haven’t really seen it. Or the neighborhood with no bins and trash laying all around. Well, I’ve seen it and it’s bad. And really sad. So you know, every little deed, to make the world a cleaner place, counts. But it didn’t start with tote bags, It started in February 2015 when I made myself the first backpack (it was made just for me with no intention to start a brand). After I posted a photo on Instagram I got few orders. Even more the next day and it just grew from there on…after 5 years I’m still doing what I love most. All the thanks go to everyone who helped me develop this brand and to everyone supporting us…in the past years, now and forever <3




Photo: Mark Kucler