I am Domen, since I was a kid I loved to create something special and breathtaking. It started from watching movies, then it ended here where I am now, taking creative portrait photographs and creating emotionally appealing videos. The work that I do expresses my personal thoughts , tells stories and showcases emotions.

I am a photographer, videographer and editor. I always want to make people happy and my work enables me to have creative freedom in expressing my feelings. I can showcase my thoughts, emotions and show everyday’s people’s life-styles from a different perspective through visually pleasing photos and films. Also weddings are my thing :).

I was always a person that loved esthetics and design and fashion! It all began when i got enough money to buy my first dsrl camera. from then i am in love with the feeling of taking esthetically pleasing things, nature, people. It satisfies me to see light, colors and subject come to life.

You can find my work and check out pictures and videos on:
Instagram: @domenzup