ME: I’ve always been creative with my hands. I remember my grandmother looking at me angrily (but with much love, be sure of that) when she realised that I just destroyed the fabric she bought to sow new cushion covers, and turned them into small puppets to play with. My profession (or at least what I spent 8 years in uni for) is actually political science, but what I am is a potter. And since september last year, I’m a self employed potter and couldn’t be more happy about it.

MY WORK: I produce everyday use ceramics. This means I make everything from cups and mugs, to plates, bowls, jugs, vases, aroma lights and small home decor items. I hand throw everything on the pottery wheel, then finish/glaze and fire all my ceramic pieces. I use stoneware, which is more durable and is therefore safe to wash in the dishwasher and to use in the microwave and regular oven. 

HOW IT ALL STARTED: I was 15 years old at the time and my mother (yes kids, mothers do know best) suggested I take a pottery class held by Urban Magušar (look him up with reference to Radovljica). I don’t think I realised it at the time, but looking back, it was love at first touch. Since then I’ve also had the pleasure to be taught by Ines Kovačič (also an amazing potter; she teaches classes in Ljubljana)  as well as Eric from Tortus in Copenhagen (he has a great IG account with lots of cool videos). Now, I have my own studio, where I produce my ceramics. At this point I have to say I’m grateful to my parents, not only for introducing me to ceramics, but also for being immensely supportive of me. 

WHERE TO FIND ME: You can follow me on Instagram @dasaspottery as well as on Facebook (same name as the IG account). I also have a webpage dasaspottery.si/en (I’m currently updating it with new products). You can also buy my ceramics through my Etsy shop @DKceramics. Thank you for all your support! And thanks to Matic for giving me space on his ceramics blog 🙂