Hi, I’m Anja and I am the creative mastermind behind Sanjava.

I am, at the time of you reading this, an almost 25 year old failed theologian (with high hopes of once completing my degree) that loves adventures, colourful hair, early mornings at the sea side, fresh flowers, travelling, doing makeup, shoes, retro flair, the view from my best friend’s house and my future husband, Miha.

I’ve always been obsessed with weddings. I’ve watched my parents’ wedding tape more times than I can count and I vividly remember their wedding portraits that were displayed on top of the shelf.

However, even with that said, I never thought I would become a wedding photographer when I started showing interest in phtography; maternity, maybe newborns and even fashion photography were on my list way above weddings.

I’ve been taking photos for more than a decade now, from landscape to portraits, but my pride and joy, Sanjava, was born in February 2018, when, with one press of the trigger on my camera at an engagement shoot, I was hooked. Since then, I’ve been living and breathing my brand.

Sanjava did also evolve over time, business and style wise.

At the end of 2019 I’ve added my other long time standing passion, graphic design, into the mix as well and have since designed a couple of wedding stationery sets, hand painted watercolour Christmas greeting cards and some various things… In 2020 (if I survive it, not that I’m pessimistic or smthing), I would love to maybe add some fun products, publish a line of greeting cards, retro looking ceramic (or maybe even enamel) cups, cotton totes and so on and so on!

To see more and follow me when I dabble in the business world, check out my website or find me on Instagram and Facebook!