I am Matic Benet. Just a 26 years old guy that loves architecture, graphic design, ceramics, modeling and so much more. I come from Kranjska Gora, a small town in Slovenia and I currently live here. My short term goals are to finish my master thesis in architecture and to move to a more suitable country for me. Long term goals would be to get a permanent job and to expand my business with my two brands; Organized.si and Matic Benet Ceramics.

My definition of ˝rebel˝ is that this is a person, who thinks different that most of the other people and they do not respect him or her and this is why he/she has to stand out for his/her own beliefs. Someone becomes rebellious if most of the other people does not think the way he/she thinks and they do not accept this or do not feel the same way that he/she feels. It could be just a conversation about it or sometimes even leads to a protest, because someone is so passionate about something or if he/she feels endangered or not accepted among the others…